#ToolTuesdays for Painting With All the Colors of the Wind

Laura Camila Rivera
2 min readMar 14, 2022


From February 24, 2021

Hello Friends,

Since we last chatted, I have moved my life back to Boston from Puerto Rico and have been busier than ever with my new job! As always, thanks for being patient with me and staying posted for this new #ToolTuesday

This week we will be looking at one of my favorite design tools: Coolors. Every time I start a new project, I get to pull a Pocahontas moment and pick just which colors of the wind I want to play around with.

Using Coolors allows me to skip Color Theory and still use colors that look good together and objectively complement each other. Bookmark this website and easily build color palettes with 6 panels. This is how it works:

  • Press the spacebar to generate color schemes
  • Click on the lock icon to keep your favorite colors and match the new palette with that color
  • Press the spacebar again and continue until you are satisfied!

You can save these colors in different formats and copy HEX codes easily. Sometimes I just play on this website to self-soothe or meditate. The web app has a few other cool tools to help you pull palettes from images and you can also get an app on your phone or as a chrome extension in case you really need colors (I’m not that intense but to each their own).

Overall, it takes the guesswork out of working with colors and should be in any designer’s back pocket. Even if you are just putting together a PowerPoint presentation, you too can be a professional color theorist!



Laura Camila Rivera

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